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More than 4000 operator positions worldwide

High Availability Systems

(redundant communication paths, redundant VCS internal networks, distributed processing etc.)

complete Systems

Sophisticated System Management and integration in Umbrella Management Systems

(Graphical status presentation and direct navigation to detailed information)

Flexible Operator Position User Interface

The layout of user interface is adaptable to project specific requirements by means of configuration)

Approximately 330 reference systems

Swiss precision

Long Term protection of Investment (Latest technology, compatible to current and new communication standards used in the ATC environment)

Standard Compliant (ICS 200/60 is complaint to EUROCAE and ED-137B for VoIP)

50 years of experience in Telecom business

We own the entire technology

Smooth System Migration and Modernization (From Rev.B to Rev.C for ICS 200/60 and support VoIP interface in accordance to ED-137B)

24/7 support