Contract from Ecuador

Schmid Telecom Singapore, through the office at Comsuisse International, was granted a contract from Ecuador in the context of the maintenance of the 13 airports and Control Centers based on ICS 200/60 systems.


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Schmid announces substantial maintenance agreement for the Cairo airports

Schmid Telecom Singapore PTE Limited, as part of its worldwide maintenance activities for the ICS 200/60 and IPCS 1200/800 systems, was granted an exclusive maintenance agreement for the Egypt’s very modern and sophisticated VCS systems (ICS 200/60).

Jan 2020


Schmid Singapore completes installation of a very large south east Asian regional system

“TMCS, one of the worlds largest and most modern systems, integrating airports and ACC’s of an entire region, goes into operation. This entire TMCS VCS system was planned, engineered, installed and configured by Schmid Telecom Singapore PTE Ltd.

July 2019


Comsuisse acquires Schmid Telecom Russia and Schmid Telecom India

After the acquisition of Schmid Telecom Singapore PTE Ltd, the worldwide competence center for the ICS 200/60 and the IPCS 1200/800 systems and owner of the ICS 200/60, myVCS and 1200/60 system software and firmware rights and source code, the acquisition of Schmid Telecom Beijing

July 2018

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Highly availability of hardware and software combine with performance test ensure long term operation usage in the field lending to high operation satisfaction and proven reliability.

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