IPCS 1200 / 800

A full VoIP architecture based system with 1-2 ms internal delay, highly increased number of interfaces and operator positions, cost effective design integrating cutting edge software knowledge. Fully backwards compatible with ICS 200/60 platform.

The IPCS 1200/800 is a full VoIP solution with the advantage the old ICS 200/60 legacy interfaces as well as legacy operator positions can optionally be used in combination with the latest VoIP communication servers and VoIP controller working positions.

1200/800 1200/800
Reliable, redundant VoIP solution
Extensive use of COTS HW
Internal VoIP communication
optimised (packet size)
VoIP standard SIP access
VoIP according to ED-137B
  • IP to E1
  • Compatible access to interface subtracks of
    ICS 200/60 systems
  • Compatible access to operator positions of
    ICS 200/60 systems

Gateway access

IPCS 1200 / 800 provides gateway access to the interface subracks and operator positions of ICS 200/60

Full VoIP Kernel

uis-photo uis-photo


Safety is crucial in air traffic management. Therefore the ICS 1200/800 architecture is optimized for highly reliable and failure tolerant operation by implementation of multiple layers of redundancy and by supporting distribution of equipment and intelligence.



It is absolutely crucial to secure the VCS Network Zone against intruder, unpredicted traffic load (which ends up in increase of Jitter and with this increase of voice delay) and accidental human operating errors.



VCS internal networks are doubled for redundancy. Single failures do not degrade the systems overall performance and availability. In most cases even multiple failures in unrelated system parts do not cause system degradation.

Operator Position

redundant network access
copper and FO
touch panel
audio connection panels
speaker panels
redundant power supply
up to 2xAC and 2xDC
1 1 2 3 4 5 6

Dependent user interface

Image Image Image

System Management

Operating without supervision
Customers network
uis-photo uis-photo
One local workstation
Several local workstations

Graphical User Interface

Navigation tree
1 2 3 4 5 6
Alarm list
Status icons
Event logging